E2A Inclusive Theatre Group, Banbridge

It's not about being the best, It's about trying our best .




E2A is an exciting concept in local theatre groups.With an ethos of inclusivity, we aim to provide people of all ages, with or without a learning disability with an opportunity to experience drama and theatre.

We welcome people of all ages, with any ability and have those with learning and physical impairments taking part on an equal level to those without, something they may not get the opportunity to do elsewhere.

E2A provides an inclusive atmosphere, we offer a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where children and young people are able to express themselves without feeling any prejudice or judgement. Each individual is valued for their capabilities and their contribution to the group. The group meet at our premises in Banbridge Business Centre. There are drama workshops, team games, theatre visits and much more, providing inclusivity through theatre and giving young talent the opportunity to shine. Young people of all abilities are invited to come along, to take part and to make a difference.

Whether its performing, music, painting scenery or making props the range of opportunities is endless, appealing to sensory perception, improving social skills, developing self confidence and overcoming social isolation.

We are also looking for volunteers to assist on a weekly basis. Anyone studying health & social care, this is an ideal opportunity to make up the volunteer hours required! Plus volunteering is a great asset on your CV!!

Social Enterprise, E2A has developed a innovative and rewarding social enterprise based around our core ethos of inclusivity.  E2A Fancy Dress Sales & Hire is a retail outlet providing training and work experience for people of all abilities.   

Legal Entity: E2A Inclusive Theatre Group is registered charity recognised by HMRC, reference XT33042.